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. This  may offer some


Who is the Wizard of Oz at EPA that likes to destroy lives?

Dr Caroline Snyder answers that question in her peer reviewed paper
The Dirty Work of Promoting “Recycling”of America’s Sewage Sludge
The Science was done for
toxic pollutants in sludge

Fools or Criminals   

If sludge doesn't destroy you,
the law will
The website is based on direct experience and documenting Kansas City, Missouri 's  sludge/biosolids disposal site  
since it began operating in 1989. The scientific documentation is published in this sludge/biosolids diary so that others
do not have to spend 17 years collecting documents. Hazard communication training is required for treatment plant
workers and contractors -- but they don't tell the
farmers and neighbors. Sludge fits the description of a biological
weapon. If it were spilled in a work place, it would require a trained hazmat crew to clean it up. Isn't something wrong
with this picture?

Sentinel at the EPA, William Sanjour,  prophesied fraud at EPA during the 1978-79 sludge wars and confirmed it in
FRAUD Magazine -- Sept./Oct. 2007
The ACFE’s 2007 Sentinel Award recipient spent more than three decades confronting deception and inequities in the
Environmental Protection Agency..

EPA appointed Alan Rubin as its Chief sludge salesman for the toxic sewage sludge soup it now calls Biosolids.  Yet,
EPA now admits there was
no risk assessment to protect public health. The most devastation part of the research
was having to observe the explosion of sickness and deaths across the United States from this disastrous policy of

lies to the public and politicians
.  The EPA sludge rule proves the claims for safety is a lie as do the documents.

Federal Register list of
EPA documented disease organisms in sludge - biosolids.

Federal Register list of
EPA documented cancer causing chemicals in sludge - biosolids

Groups fighting Sludge
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New Book.
"Key to a Fear and Guilt Free Life"

Highly functional psychopaths have no fear or guilt in their life as they seek power in the Political Arena.
Many rise to the top of their incompetence in regulatory agencies, religion or science. It is not a choice for
them, the genetic switches in the brain for fear and guilt were never turn on. The rest of us poor souls are left
to wonder what happened as they use fear and guilt in an effort to control our lives and destroy the
environment we live in. This is not a how to change book, although that could happen, it is a historical look at
the results. Legitimate scientists have now proven that the switches in the brains emotional triggers can be
tripped by words or other means to turn them on and off. At least with this knowledge we can be on the
same playing field.

the 22 years I have been writing on the sludge issue and EPA no one at EPA or on the state level has or
would question my facts. It seems like I have only been preaching to the choir of victims. Based on EPA
quoting the Old Testament God in 1979 to justify it sludge policy and the recent Supreme Court decision to
let a person’s religious beliefs deprive people the health benefits of a for-profit company’s insurance, I
decided to do a book on what EPA and government leaders knew about that human entity called God and
why we are still being victimized by leaders who know better, but still promote programs that put our food,
water and health in jeopardy.  

This book is mainly for the general public who actually believe the government is there to protect
their health and the environment. On the plus side, it may actually help some people understand
themselves better and how they are manipulated by government and religion to hold harmful
beliefs. On the down side, government sludge entities and certain religious leaders who do not
have your best interest at heart are going to hate it because it shows how they deprive people of
their rights.

Thirty-five years ago, in 1979, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) leaders decided they had no
moral or actual legal obligation to protect the environment or human health from the toxic
chemicals and disease causing pathogens in solid and hazardous waste. After nine years of
operation, EPA was charged with dispensing 69 billion dollars for new sewage treatment systems
and getting rid of the hazardous residue from them as cheaply as possible. To convince the
sewage industry to go along with the proposal to sell or give away the toxic and disease
contaminated sewage as a fertilizer for food crops and compost for home gardens, EPA had to give away a
government secret by claiming God ordered the disposal of sludge of on farmland.

In EPA’s “
History of Land Application as a Treatment Alternative," it states on page 6, "At least two verses
in the Bible refer to land application of waste (Deuteronomy xxiii, 13 and Judges iii, 20)." This statement
reflected the government’s historical research concerning extraterrestrials in
ancient times and modern UFOs leading up to NASA’s 1971 study “Project Cyclops: A Design Study for a
System of Detecting Extraterrestrial Intelligence.” They would also have had some or all of Hitler’s research
on the subject.

The verses reflect the knowledge that the ancient gods were real men and women that looked like
us, acted like us, and the rules could be ignored as they were only for the peasants - that’s us -
farmers, laborers or small farm owners. That eliminated the moral clause. The ancient leader’s
immunity from the laws was a wakeup call for government employees who write the regulations to
eliminate the legal clause. They have immunity from any environmental or health damages they
caused by a federal permitted release of hazardous waste. EPA still has no treatment process
available for infectious waste or a list of disease causing pathogens (Etiologic agents) in the
Hazardous Waste Regulation part 261 Appendix V & VI. The Part 503 sludge policy was a simple
fable to make people think they had a voice in the decisions on sludge disposal. I pointed this out
in the 2008 article on government “

After 24 years of research and writing about the dangers of sludge recycling as a fertilizer, the only research
left currently to do was follow up on why EPA leaders would quote the Bible in 1979 and especially the
second verse which referenced an assassination by one of god’s chosen leaders. Actually it wasn’t that
hard to follow the EPA thinking to recover the information they had in hand when this started. Ezekiel’s living
creature known as the cherub with the wheel in the middle of a wheel on it had been replicated in
Aersospatiale’s Gazelle helicopter 10 years earlier.

The first part was easy. Documenting that government agencies and industry partners have been
using the same tactics the Greeks used after conquering the Middle East in the 3rd century BC --
create fables and myths victimizing the victims - was very time consuming. The most difficult 100
year old myth to on unravel during the past 22 years was that gram negative Enterobacteriacea
(coliform) were not disease causing pathogens and a few heat stressed thermotolerant
Enterobacteriacea (fecal coliform) was from humans. Some are “flesh eating” and some are listed
as potential bioterrorism agents. Treatment processes themselves do not heat stress bacteria, so
why would EPA look for heat stressed fecal bacteria in a test that prevents their growth?

A holistic review of history, religion science (GMOs, sludge, fracking, body and brain) reveal much
about why and how the political government and religious systems works and how we fit into the
world model. It includes the latest scientific research being released showing that our minds are
capable of many things science has debunked until they could do them with machines and that the materials
we are made of is immortal. Science also shows that our culture is capable of duplicating any feat
described in the Bible including screwing up your genetics down to your great-grandchild.

The government and industry partners have been using the same tactics the Greeks used after
conquering the Middle East in the 3rd century BC -- create fables and myths victimizing the
victims. One of the oldest fables is the Ten Commandments which so many legislators want you to think
should be included in our laws. Virginia took the Ten Commandments out of the laws in 1776 before the
Declaration of Independence was written to give freedom from a state religion. There was a good reason for
excluding Judo-Christianity from the law -- Christianity only has Two Commandments while there are 613
Jewish Commandments. What Christian really wants to get stoned to death for leaving their home on
Sunday, even to attend church, under the Jewish law?

Most people will be shocked to find out our leaders and regulators have an extreme advantage
over you with “
The Benefits of Knowing the Ten Commandments”. That is free Chapter 10 of the
ebook “
Key to a Fear and Guilt Free Life” on Amazon.

Amazon has a
free download Kindle viewer if you don't have one.

J. Waynick Bynum (Jim)

While the book was published after the following article, Ebola was not mentioned because it is of little
concern to the general public unless it gets in the water supply. The only way for it to get in the water supply
is through sewage treatment plants where it could be released to the environment by sewage plant
discharges to local waterways or to cropland is sewage sludge marketed as a fertilizer or reclaimed effluent
used to irrigate crops and carried into the water from cropland during rainwater events. Most people only
need be concerned should a treatment plant worker or a farmer becomes infected.

Update for non-believers with WHO and government authority for release of ebola        8/9/2014

"Ebola Patients Brought to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta", after The Federal Public Health Service
had assured the public that it is a Biosafety Level 4 treatment center as required by CDC. It appears to
meet the CDC standard for containment of aerosols in hospitals, but offers no safety for aerosols generated
during sewage treatment to plant workers, sludge (biosolids) haulers, or those exposed to Filoviruses
(ebola) in reclaimed sewage effluent used as irrigation on parks, school grounds and food crops as well as
the users of sewage sludge (biosolids) used for the same purposes..
More scientific
Whistleblowers Sanjour
& Lewis have exposed
EPA's lack of concern for
human health since 1976
Agency for Toxic
Substance and Disease

Metals known to cause
Death, disease, cancer,
physical and mental
disorders, and birth
Chemicals listed as
Constituents when
disposed of in a real
sludge disposal landfill
Environmental Laws
which show that sludge
is a hazardous waste
because of its
503 risk assessment
did not include metals
or pathogens
EPA and CDC Safety
precautions for
handling sludge
Studies show sludge is
very dangerous
State solid waste laws
changed to comply with
503 policy and prevent
counties from banning
sludge as a fertilizer
Counties which have
banned sludge use
County Association
begging Congress for

Jim Bynum
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1998 Book --

SLUDGE - Research by
Gail M. Bynum, Ph.D
USDA said lime makes
Salmonella undetectable
for about 30 days
Neurotoxic chemical
contaminants found at
Superfund (or sludge)
sites sites have the
potential to pollute water
supplies and expose
humans while
showering, bathing,
washing dishes, doing
laundry and drinking

AP: Thallium contaminated milk
reveal in lawsuit against USDA over
contaminated farmland

AP: Probe Finds Drugs in Drinking
Water watersheds

AP: Air Too Dirty to Breathe in 345

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Sen. Boxer wants concerns
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EPA Reports On Clean Water
Infrastructure Needs

Sewer horror stories
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