Groups Fighting Sewage Sludge Use as a Fertilizer
There are 73 groups in 21 states and the District of Columbia which have expressed their
concerns over the use of Hazardous sewage sludge as a fertilizer.

If your group is not on this list and you wish to express you concern,  please notify us @
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Citizens Against Pollution
located in Grand Bay, AL. The organization's goal is stop the spreading of sewage sludge
on pastures near our homes. The address is 8435 Jim McNeil Lp Rd W, Grand Bay, AL.


Citizens Opposing Sewer Sludge
(COPSS) is a nonprofit organization that opposes the land application of sewage
sludge. The organization's mailing address is PO Box 5280, Mohave Valley, AZ 86446.


California Communities Against Toxics (CCAT) is a coalition of 85 environmental justice groups in California,
formed in 1989, whose membership is very active on environmental health issues in their communities, such as
blocking proposals to land apply sewage sludge throughout California. CCAT is located at 2137 Willow brook St., Palm
dale, CA 93551.

Desert Citizens Against Pollution (CAP) is a regional environmental justice group that works in the California desert
to protect it from becoming a dumping ground for radioactive and toxic waste, municipal garbage, and sewage sludge.
CAP's postal address is PO Box 845, Rosamond, CA 93560.

The Kern Food Growers Against Sewage Sludge's postal address is M. Caratan, Inc, 33787 Cecil Ave., Delano, CA
Kern Food Growers Against Sewage Sludge's members include the following companies: Wm.
Bolthouse Farms, D.M. Camp & Sons, Anton Caratan & Son, M. Caratan, Inc., Howard Frick Farm,
Vineyards, Grimmway Farms, Jasmine Vineyards, Pandol & Sons, Sun World International, and Marko
Zaninovich, Inc.
The petitioner located in Kern County, California in the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley.

Menifee Valley Community Economic Development Council is a non-profit organization that provides community
assistance around environmental and other issues. Its postal address is CEDCO, P.O. Box 2111, Sun City, CA 92586.

The Solano Citizens against B.S. is a citizen's group working to ban land application sewage sludge in Solano
County, California. Its postal address is 294 S. 4th St. Rio Vista, CA 94571

District of Columbia - Washington DC

The Center for Food Safety
(CFS) is a non-profit, membership organization located at 660 Pennsylvania Ave., SE,
Suite 302, Washington, DC 20003. Petitioner was founded in 1997 to address increasing concerns about the impacts
of our food production system on human health, animal welfare, and the environment.

Clean Water Action is a national non-profit citizens, organization founded in 1971 and working for clean, safe and
affordable water, prevention of health-threatening pollution, creation of environmentally-safe jobs and businesses, and
empowerment of people to make democracy work. Clean Water Action is located at 4455 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite
A300, Washington, DC 20008.

International Center for Technology Assessment (CTA) is a non-profit, bi-partisan organization located at 660
Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Suite 302, Washington, DC 20003. CTA was formed to help the general public and
policy-makers understand how technological advancements affect society.




Campaign Recycle Mam, Inc.
a nonprofit community green waste composting operation located in Waikapu, Maui,
Hawaii, PO Box 1469, Wailuku, HI 96793.

Science and Environmental Health Network
(SEHN) located at 3704 W. Lincoln Way #282, Ames, IA 50014.
Founded in 1994 by a consortium of North American environmental organizations, SEHN is concerned with the wise
application of science to the protection of the environment and public health. SEHN is also a think tank for the
environmental movement, framing concepts and ethical considerations that give direction to the movement in North
America and internationally.


Citizens Against Toxic Sludge,
located at 398 Strickland Loop Road, Livermore Falls, ME 04254, works to keep ak
and water safe so that they can be used without fear of poison or illness.

Ed and Terri Pimental
[email protected]

The Maine Sludge Alliance is a partnership of organizations working to protect Maine communities from the
environmental and public health threats posed by sludge spreading. It provides local assistance to residents fighting to
control sludge spreading in their communities and we advocate for change on the state level, particularly a return to
home rule, which would allow towns to enact stricter regulations than state law. Maine Sludge Alliance, PO Box 95,
Whitefield, ME 04353

Maine Toxics Action Center is located at One Pleasant Street, 4th Floor Portland, ME 04101. Since 1987, Toxics
Action Center in Maine has helped neighborhoods across Maine fight toxic pollution in their communities.


Farm Aid
is a national, non-profit organization working to strengthen a family farm system of agriculture that produces
safe, fresh food for everyone. Farm Aid is located at 11 Ward Street, Suite 200, Somerville, MA 02143.

The Neighborhood Pesticide Action Committee (NPAC) is a Boston-based grassroots organization that educates
the community about pesticides and promotes safer alternatives in order to ensure that all concerned citizens are
integral to policy decisions about pesticide use in their local. NPAC is located at P.O.Box 752 Jamaica Plain, MA 02130.

The Northeast Organic Farming Association/Massachusetts Chapter, Inc. (NOFA/Mass) is a chapter of the
Northeast Organic Farming Association, a nonprofit or nearly 4,000 farmers, gardeners, and consumers working to
promote healthy food, organic farming practices, and a cleaner environment. NOFA/Mass is located at 411 Sheldon
Road., Barre, MA 01005.

The ReSource Institute for Low Entropy Systems (RILES) is an independent, nonprofit organization located at
179 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02130. Founded in 1990, RILES works in partnership with local communities to
protect public health and the environment both nationally and internationally.

Toxics Action Center located at 29 Temple Place, Boston MA 02111. Since 1987, Toxics Action Center has worked
with more than 450 New England neighborhoods to fight toxic pollution in their communities. In the past five years we
have worked with more than a dozen communities to address the issues of land application of sludge and the
incineration of sludge


Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
(IATP) promotes resilient family farms, rural communities and
ecosystems around the world through research and education, science and technology, and advocacy. IATP is
located at 2105 1st Avenue, South Minneapolis, MN 55404.

The Organic Consumers Association, founded in 1998, is a nationwide network of 500,000 organic consumers,
dedicated to safeguarding organic standards and promoting organic agriculture, public health, environmental
sustainability, and social justice. One of OCA's major criticisms of conventional (non-organic) agriculture in the US is
the use of toxic sludge on farmlands and toxic ingredients in fertilizers. The petitioner is located at 6101 Cliff Estate
Road, little Marais, MN 55614.

TOXIC (Take Off Unknowns in Communities) is a non-profit corporation located at 4944 Apple Avenue Duluth, MN
55804. The organization's mission is educational, providing information to the public on the land application of sludge
and other substances that are land applied, such as septage and industrial wastes.


Western Nebraska Resources Council
(WNRC) a non-profit organization, formed originally in 1983 to educate
folks on the clangers of the nuclear power cycle, has enacted policy changes through litigation and education. We
work on issues that threaten the purity of our land, water and ak. WNRC's postal address is PO Box 612 Chadron, NE

New Hampshire

Citizens for a Future New Hampshire
is a non-profit, grassroots organization whose mission is to protect the
environment of New Hampshire and the public health of the citizens of New Hampshire. The petitioner is located at 580
Brockway Road, Hopkinton, NH 03229.

Citizens for Sludge-Free Land is located at PO Box 38 North Sandwich, NH 03259. Its
purpose is to collect, analyze, and disseminate accurate science-based information about the hazards of land
application of sewage sludges and paper mill sludges, for citizens, legislators, town and county officials nationwide who
need this information in order to put in place protective ordinances or bans.

New Jersey

The Cornucopia Network of New Jersey,
at 86 Elm Street, Montclair, NJ 07042, is a non-profit corporation
dedicated to the production, distribution and quality of food in the state of New Jersey.   Special focus is the quality of
soil and water with an emphasis on composting and monitoring of sludge policies related to application to farmland.

Environmental Research Foundation is located at P.O. Box 160. New Brunswick, NJ 08903. For 23 years,
Environmental Research Foundation has been providing scientific and technical information about toxic materials and
dangerous technologies, and about safer alternatives, to community leaders, government officials, journalists,
librarians and the interested public.

Harmony SOLE Alliance is located at 2731 River Road Phillipsburg, NJ 08865. Harmony SOLE Alliance is a
grassroots group who has been fighting for quality of life issues related to sludge facilities since 1994.

New York

The Center for the Biology of Natural Systems
(CBNS). The Center for the Biology of Natural Systems is
dedicated to helping solve real-world environmental problems.
Dr. Barry Commoner is Senior Scientist and Director Emeritus of the Center for the Biology of
Natural Systems, a research institute at Queens College, City University of New York, Flushing, NY 11367.

Citizens   Campaign for   the   Environment   (CCE)   works   to   build   widespread   citizen
understanding and advocacy for policies and actions designed to manage and protect interdependent land and water
resources, wildlife and public health. CCE carries out
this mission through public education, research, lobbying, organizing and public outreach.
CEC is located at 225A Main Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735.

Citizen's Envronmental Coalition is a statewide grassroots environmental organization of 110 groups and 14,000
individual members working to eliminate pollution in New York State. The organization is located at543 Franklin Street,
Suite 2, Buffalo, NY 14202 -1109.

Citizens United for Responsible Environmentalism (CURE) is located at 11 Clark Court Larchmont, NY 10538
and works on behalf of the many residents in the Bronx suffering from health-related problems caused by the New
York Organic Fertilizer Company's sludge pellitization plant in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx.

Genesis Farm is a non-profit ecological learning center and community supported agriculture project located at 41A
Silver Lake Rd., Blairstown, NJ, 07825. Genesis Farm was founded to explore the connections between the health of
our global commons of air, water, soils, and nature, and the health of our local communities and bioregions.

Greening for Breathing located at 889 Hunts Point Avenue, Bronx, NY 10474.
Greening for Breathing (GFB) formed in 1998 as an outgrowth of two citizen groups, the NYC  DOH's Asthma
Initiative's Environmental Committee and Hunts Point Awareness Committee, a local community association. GFB's
mission is to address outdoor air quality in Hunts Point as a means of improving well-being and health, especially
respiratory wellness, through greening.

Families Addressing Rural Messes in Yates (FARM-Yates) is an association of concerned citizens dedicated to
educating the region on the hazards associated with Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and the land spreading
of sludge. Farm-Yates is located in the Finger Lakes Region of Central N.Y.

Finger Lakes Citizens for the Environment, located in the Finger Lakes (Western NY), is a grassroots group
dedicated to protecting the environment and educating the public regarding environmental concerns so we can protect
our communities from environmental threats

The National Sludge Alliance is a grassroots organization formed in 1996 to help protect public health and the
environment from the adverse effects of sewage sludge. The policies of this mission include: preventing the land
application of all sludge, promoting sewer avoidance, and advocating that industrial wastes be treated at their source.
Petitioner is located at 180 Boston Corners Road, Millerton, NY 12546

New York City Environmental justice Alliance is a citywide network that links grassroots organizations low-income
neighborhoods and communities of color in their struggle against environmental racism. Founded in 1991, NYCEJA
supports community-led initiatives through its network of professional environmental advocates, attorneys, scientists
and health specialists. NYCEJA provides resources that enable its Member Organizations to engage in effective
advocacy on behalf of EJ communities that are disproportionately and adversely affected by environmental and health
impacts of public and private actions and policies. NYCEJA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation located at 115 West
30th St., Rm 709, New York, NY.

Sustainable South Bronx, located at 889 Hunts Point Avenue, Bronx, NY 10474, is a community organization
dedicated to the implementation of sustainable development projects in the South Bronx that are informed by the
needs of the community and the values of environmental justice.

Sustainable South Bronx  -- Elena Conte,  
Solid Waste and Energy Coordinator
Greening for Breathing Coordinator,
890 Garrison Avenue, 4th Floor
Bronx, NY 10474
phone 718.617.4668
fax 718.617.5228

The South Bronx Clean Air Coalition (SBCAC) is a community based environmental justice organization in the
South Bronx in New York City. SBCAC was founded in 1991. It is located at 541 E. 138th Street, Bronx NY 10454.

North Carolina

Rural Advancement Foundation International-USA
(RAFI-USA) is located at 21 Hillsboro Street, Pittsboro, NC.
Petitioner is dedicated to community, equity and diversity in agriculture. While focusing on North Carolina and the
southeastern United States, petitioners also works nationally and internationally. Petitioner plays a leadership role in
responding to major agricultural trends and creating movement among farm, environmental and consumer groups to
promote sustainable agriculture, strengthen family farms and rural communities, protect the diversity of plants, animals
and people in agriculture and ensure responsible use of new technologies.


Citizens Protecting Ohio
is a citizen advocacy group addressing nuclear issues in Ohio. Its
postal address is 735 Euclaire Ave, Bexley, OH 43209.

The Free Press is an independent, progressive news journal located at 1240 Bryden Road Columbus, OH 43205


The Lancaster County Green Party
is a Pennsylvania political group that hopes to use elected office as a means to
bring positive, sustainable, envkonmentally friendly practices into social functions. Its mailing address is Lancaster
County Green party, PO Box 8922, Lancaster, PA 17602-8922.

Petitioner Northwest Environmental Advocates was formed in 1969 to work through advocacy and education to
protect and restore water and air quality, wetlands, and wildlife habitat in the Pacific Northwest. The organization's
postal address is P.O. Box 12187, Portland, OR 97212.

Northwest Environmental Advocates was formed in 1969 to work through advocacy and education to protect and
restore water and air quality, wetlands, and wildlife habitat in the Pacific Northwest. The organization's postal address
is P.O. Box 12187, Portland, OR 97212.


Army for a Clean Environment, Inc.
is a nonprofit, grassroots organization formed, in part, to expose the dangers of
using sewer sludge, river sludge and harbor sludge in mine reclamation projects. Petitioner is located at 2066
Evergreen Drive, Tamaqua, PA 18252.

Berks Citizens Against Toxic Sludge (BCATS) is a grassroots, nonprofit organization. It was formed to oppose the
land application of sewage sludge. The organization can be reached at 440 Creek Lane, Lenhartsville, PA 19534.

The Concerned Citizens of West Providence Township is a local, nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots, educational
and public-action organization in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, dedicated to preventing the land application of
sewage sludge and industrial waste under current standards established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The
address of the organization is P.O. Box 188, Everett,PA15537.
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation incorporated under the laws of the
Pennsylvania that provides legal assistance to rural municipal governments and communities concerned about the
land application of sludge. The Legal Defense Fund is located at 2859 Scotland Road, Chambersburg, PA 17201

Coalition of Residents Organised for Political Self-expression (CROPS) is a nonprofit corporation working to
protect the freedom of local citizens to participate in the political process, specifically at the local level. CROPS is
located at 4810 Rockdale Road, Greencastle, PA 17225.

Environmental Science Research Associates (ESRA) helps prepare websites about Pennsylvania sludge issues
and sludge victims and is located at 169 Slackwater Road, Millersville, PA 17551.

The Franklin County Coalition is an association of eighteen non-profit, community based organizations located in
Franklin County, Pennsylvania. In 2002, the Coalition adopted a resolution supporting municipal governments that
have passed ordinances controlling the land application of sewage sludge. The Coalition's mailing address is 2859
Scotland Road, Chambersburg, PA 17201.

The Mahanoy Creek Watershed Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 with the goal of
mitigating the effects of abandoned mine drainage pollution in the Mahanoy Creek and protecting it from future
environmental assaults. The petitioner is located at 420 Dutchtown Road, Ashland, PA 17921.

Pennsylvania Environmental Network is a nonprofit, grassroots alliance organized in 1989 of local citizens groups.
Its aim is to network, organize and work for ak fit to breathe, water fit to drink, soils safe for farms and environmental
justice for all. PEN's sludge team seeks a ban on the land application of sludge and sludge products. PEN's sludge
team address is!880 Pickering Road, Phoenixville, PA 19460.

Sludge Busters, located at Fox Brush Farm,1650 Furnace Rd., Brogue, PA 17309,
is made up of people from York County, PA, fighting the land application of all industrial and
municipal sewage sludge.

UMBT United Against Sludge Dumping, located Mount Bethel, PA. The organization's goal is stop the spreading of
sewage sludge on farmland near our homes. To learn about our struggle visit our facebook page at

The United Mine Workers of America is a growing union with a diverse membership that includes coal miners,
clean coal technicians, health care workers, truck drivers, and school board employees. UMWA members live and work
throughout the United States and Canada. The UMWA has fought for worker's rights since 1890. Today the
International Union continues the fight for safe workplaces, good wages and benefits, and fair representation. The
petitioner is located at UMWA Region 1 at 51 Eleventh Street, P.O. Box 200, Lucernemines, PA 15754.

Valley Citizens for a Healthy Environment is a nonprofit organization committed to preserving the rural nature of
our local community, supporting family farms, discouraging the influx of large, corporate, factory farms, protecting the
health of our families by safeguarding the health of our natural environment, and encouraging responsible
stewardship of our water resources. The postal address of the organization is c/o Rev. Alice M. Meloy, 22448 Path
Valley Road, Doylesburg, PA 17219.


Cumberland Conntians for Peace & Justice
(CCPJ) is a nearly 30-year-old organization representing
congregations & individuals in Tennessee. Contact Rev. Walter Stark, PO Box 154, Pleasant Hill, TN 38578.

Obed Watershed Association is a volunteer group concerned about the Obed watershed. Contact Rev. Charles
Lord, PO Box 464, Pleasant Hill, TN 38578.

'Network for Environmental & Economic Responsibility (NEER/UCC) is a 20 year-old organization and
recognized group of the United Church of Christ that has voice at General Synod. The petitioner can be contacted at
United Church of Christ, PO Box 220, Pleasant Hill, TN 38578.


The Blackland Prairie Concerned Citizens Association
(BPCCA) address is P.O. Box 272, Manor, TX 78653. The
BPCCA is a neighborhood association in northeast Travis County Texas. Its primary purpose is to preserve the rural
way of life that has been prevalent in the area for over 100 years. The goal is to control development so that it is
compatible with agriculture and the rural lifestyle that the residents of the area cherish and enjoy.


Vermont Public Interest Research Group
(VPIRG) is Vermont's leading watchdog and advocacy organization.
Supported by members since 1972, VPIRG's mission is to promote and protect the health of Vermont's environment,
people, and locally based economy. VPIRG is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization supported by approximately
20,000 members statewide. Vermont Public Interest Research Group is located at 141 Main St. Montpelier, VT 05602.


Biosolids Information Group,  P. O. Box 965, Richmond, VA 23218, email: [email protected].  T
he origin of the group was started in Louisa County (not Spotsylvania) but has been moved to Richmond,
VA, with an office near the VA General Assembly district.  The group listing represents professional and
lay concerned citizens that volunteer their time, expertise and resources for protecting rights, health and
welfare through research-study-information-presentation.  
More >

Center for Health, Environment and Justice is located at 150 South Washington Street Falls Church, VA 22046.
Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) was founded in 1981, as the Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous
Waste (CCHW), by Lois Gibbs, the community leader at Love Canal. CHEJ seeks to help local citizens and
organizations come together and take an organized, unified stand in order to hold industry and government
accountable and work toward a healthy, sustainable future.

Citizens Against Toxic Sludge (CATS) (Campbell County)
Jennifer England at
[email protected].

Loudoun Neighbors Against Toxic Sludge (Loudoun NATS) -- organization fighting
sludge though you have it listed under links. email =
[email protected]  -name = Barbara L. Rubin

comments = There is also a VA coalition of counties fighting sludge.
Under your heading of counties banning you
list a few VA counties.  This is not really accurate
. VA counties tried to ban sludge and were taken to court up
through the VA Supreme Court which upheld Virginia's Dillon Rule.
The state Health Department embraces
sludge as does the whole VA Assembly.

Answer=The facts are the courts upheld legal bans on sludge. Based on EPA research, (40 CFR 503.9(t)  
your state health department and VA assembly has decided to kill a few of the country cousins. Apparently,
these home grown bad boys  using the legal system as a terrorist tool have never heard of the Boston
Tea Party.

Northumberland Association For Progressive Stewardship
, Northumberland County, Virginia is primarily
concerned with environmental issues that affect the county. Its Sewage Sludge Study Group has been actively trying
to stop land application in our County, which is located where the Potomac River empties into the Chesapeake Bay.
The petitioner is located at P.O. Box 567, Heathsville, VA 22473.

Rural Madison ,
comments = would like our organization to be listed as - an with concerns about sludge.
Khalil Hassan, Pres., P.O. 542, Madison, VA 22727, 540-923-5121email=
[email protected]

Shenandoah County Alliance Against Toxic Sludge (SCAATS) is a grassroots organization formed in 1998 to
prevent land application of sludge. The petitioner is located at 209 Cannon Hill Road Mount Jackson, VA 22842


Help for Sewage Victims
is a Washington State based nonprofit corporation formed in the early 1990s to gather and
provide information to victims of sewage sludge, located at 803 S. Main Everson, WA 98247

People for Environmental Action and Children's Health (PEACH) is a nonprofit organization located at 35 West
Main Ave., Suite 240, Spokane, WA 99201. The mission of PEACH is to provide information and act holistically to
restore a healthy environment for the wellness of every child.

Safe Food and Fertiliser (SFFj is a grassroots organization advocating for a ban on the use of hazardous and other
solid wastes as fertilizer, soil amendments and animal feed. SFF is located at 617 H Street SW, Quincy, WA 98848 and
is a project of Earth Island Institute.


The Center for Media & Democracy
is located at 520 University Ave., Suite 310, Madison, WI. The Center for Media
& Democracy is a nonprofit, public interest organization funded by individuals and nonprofit foundations and dedicated
to investigative reporting on the public relations industry.