Sovereign Immunity

Sovereign Immunity has been granted to federal agency managers to rewrite environmental laws by using pollution
disposal guidelines, which are jokingly referred to as federal regulations. EPA managers have had so much fun doing
this that the managers even wrote a sludge use and disposal regulation based on
exclusions in environmental laws.
Many states have rewritten their solid waste laws to pass this immunity on to municipalities and the disposal companies
who dispose of sludge/biosolids as a toxic contaminated fertilizer/soil amendment. In effect, EPA managers have been
given permission, and authorized the states, to violate the intent, as well as the word, of the environmental laws
regardless of the consequences to public health and the environment -- no matter how many people have to die for a
cheap method of sludge disposal.

Environmental laws have included protection for government employees who attempted to expose the damage to public
health and the environment by Agency managers, yet, with manager's immunity, the laws were ignored. Congress
enacted a new law, the
NO Fear Act to protect government employees and President Bush signed it.  However, the
government has now declared itself immune from the Act. The Attorney General's Office and EPA have filed briefs
advocating sovereign immunity from all environmental statutes with the Department of Labor and President Bush agrees
with the new position.

President Bush has presented himself as a religious as well as a political leader with god on his side. As a highly
intelligent person, Bush believes  history is on his side. After all, if god granted his chosen leaders Sovereign Immunity
from the laws we call Commandments, doesn't Bush have the right to grant his leaders immunity from the laws created
by Congress, even if it kills us? To accomplish this act of public abuse, the EPA Libraries must be closed and then we
have to depend on their words -- These are the same people who spent millions of tax dollars on a
public relations
campaign to change perception about how we were getting sick or dying from exposure to the toxic pollutants in sludge.
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