In "The Dirty Work of Promoting “Recycling”of America‚Äôs Sewage Sludge" CAROLINE SNYDER, PHD, said,  
"Subsequently the Science Committee drafted the
No Fear Act (H.R.169) to better protect federal employees against
retaliation.61 The Act required agencies to inform employees of whistleblower protections and pay for judgments in
favor of whistleblowers out of their own budgets. It passed with unanimous support in the House and little
change in the Senate, and was signed into law by President George W. Bush. Before it passed the Senate, however,
the Act was revised to protect managers like Henry Longest. “After months of work with Senate and House Staff, and
members of the Government Affairs Committee in the Senate, much of the bad language has been deleted or
substantially altered, and specific language has been inserted stating that managers would not be adversely affected by
the bill.”62"