Basic Zander Story:
Deadly Deceit,   CHAPTER 1,  Sacrificial Lambs

Excerpt:   CHAPTER 5 Betrayed
The Zanders' have never had their day in court

where they could address the sludge issues.  Powerful

entities (Washington State Department of Ecology and King

County Department of Metropolitan Services, the EPA, AMSA and

WEF) have conspired to prevent this from ever happening.

According to documented evidence, on February 22, 1993, two

State Department of Ecology Representatives, Al Hanson, and

Kyle Dorsey, four King County Metro representatives, Mark

Lucas, Carol Ready, Steve Gilbert, Dan Sturgill and their

legal counsel, Salley Tenney, of the Metro Legal Services,

Mel Kemper of the City of Tacoma, Hal Thurston, an attorney

representing the cities that were involved in the Zanders'

lawsuits and four individuals also associated with the Zander

law suit, met in a closed meeting to discuss the Zander Case.

According to Keith A. Bode, as recorded in the Zander Action

Summary, the legal cost to stop her will exceed $500,000


Bode warned those in attendance at the meeting that

Zander had to be stopped. He said that she had identified 18

medical experts (including physicians, immunologists,

toxicologists, and nutritionists), 9 veterinarians, 2

property valuation/devaluation experts, 3

soil/hydraulic/geologic experts and 1 testing lab who would

testify about the dangers of sewage sludge use to humans and

animals. Bode warned that there would be extra-regional

impact and "This action must not be settled". He reminded

those present:

The public persona of biosolids is precarious, at best,

and each member of WEF and AMSA can be assured that

Zander appears dedicated to capitalizing on every

available opportunity to publicize her scare story...and

remember, with respect to land application, the farming

community comprises less than 2% of the population, so

she need only reach a narrow population to cripple land

application. It is essential that her soapbox be removed

and her credibility challenged before our regional

problem has any more effect (than she has now)

nationally or internationally on land application of


Linda's active fight against the land application of

sewage sludge and sewage sludge sold as a fertilizer for

lawns and gardens made her a target of both the EPA and WEF.

She became number 2 on the EPA's hit list of sludge "horror

stories" which they paid the Water Environment Federation to

debunk.  They had to coverup any damage to human health and

the environment. After all their propaganda said sludge was

perfectly safe and there had never been any documented cases