The facts will be reported with editor notes and references to related information. This information has
been reviewed and consented to by Mr. Dale Ellington for publication in the PIN and subsequent follow up

Monday, May 8,2006,1 received a phone call from Dale Ellington, Campbell County, VA. He stated that he had
received my name from Janice Buchholz who, according to her specialist-physicians, had become ill since
exposed to harmful chemicals emitted from a land application of sludge in Prince Edward County.

Dale related his situation in detail as follows:

A. His wife has experienced cancer of the lung and a section was taken out. The cancer, unfortunately, has
spread to her brain. This condition has limited her abilities, immunity and subjected her to other issues as
vomiting and nausea to "normal" household odors. This vomiting and nausea exacerbates other conditions.

B. He loves his wife and has tried to get assistance to protect her health from any possibility of sludge
exposure-harm that has been reported by other Virginians and their attending physicians. He also stated
that, though disabled, he is trying to bear the burden of chores but his main interest is that his wife not be
exposed to inadequately tested and monitored pollution being forced on the community in the form of
sludge/biosolids, Class 'B'.

C. He stated, and it is confirmed, that he had contacted the Local Health District and released his
wife's medical records to substantiate the need for protection from harmful chemical content and odorous

D. He further stated that there was no assistance from his county government as it has not passed a sludge
ordinance nor hired a local monitor as allowed by the General Assembly in 2002 and approved by the State
Board of Health in January 2003.

Having dealt with the Virginia Department of Health and having traveled throughout Virginia collecting
similar exposure data, I agreed to assist in his efforts to protect the quality of his wife's life and to ease her
burden already visited by cancer. I suggested the following which may be of assistance to others in the
same situation:

1. That he should contact the attending physician for a letter of opinion and what
possible occurrences may effect her health

Dr. Theodore D. Chung, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology, VCU, Richmond, VA, 5/8/ 06,
wrote the following email to Dr. Nichols, Director of VDH-Local Health District (LHD), Lynchburg, VA: "Mrs.
Georgia Ellington, who has a history of adenocarcinoma of the lung treated in the past with surgical
resection followed by chemotherapy and more recently by whole brain radiotherapy and most recently with
stereo tactic radio surgery. She is currently experiencing headaches and nausea and vomiting.....She was
diagnosed with right lung cancer and has endured much in the way of surgery and radiation....! would like to
request that the dumping of waste [sludge/biosolids] in the vicinity of the

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