P ollution   I  nformation  N ewsletter

A Monthly Review on Pollution of the Environment                                                                June 2006/Vol. I Issue 10

                                THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH !

I have experienced, seen and reported some of the most despicable actions by the Virginia Department of
Health and the waste industry in the past, but this report tops them all!

As you read the following account, substantiated from documents on file, you will see the dire need for
Virginians to receive assistance from their fellow Citizens. You will see the most vile, corrosive, immoral,
and the most contemptible atrocity conducted by those who would call themselves a 'physician'. You will
see the need for legislative action to reign in a renegade agency of our Virginia government. Most of all,
you will see the disparity and disconnect between Citizen health needs and those who administer health
and environmental offices, supported by Virginia Taxpayers.

While it is difficult to remain totally objective, and why should one when dealing with such an atrocity, I will
adhere to the facts of this situation and make available any information that may assist in correcting future
like-events from happening.

During this report you will find the absence of government officials, fellow citizen groups purportedly
representing their fellow Citizens and media coverage that did not emphasize the facts of the matter. The
Pollution Information Newsletter is the only media that is reporting the in-depth facts and related matter.
However, PIN is willing to share its documents and information with any attorney, group, agency or
interested parties that will show an effort to offer corrective measures for health protection of fellow

When you read this account of an individual striving, against all odds, to protect his wife's life and health,
feel free to get emotional in showing tears, anger and a resolve that this should not happen to a fellow
human being. Feel free to contact every legislator, the Governor and his Cabinet members, any member of
the US Congress, the President and any fellow Citizens that have a heart. Keep in mind that as this has
happened to others across the nation and in Virginia, you may be next on VDH/DEQ/EPA/ WASTE INDUSTRY'S
hit list for forcible exposure to the harmful sludge/biosolids' contents and health disrupters. This story may
be about you or someone you know who has already experienced this atrocity.

Please inform PIN of any personal or known negative experiences with land applied sludge/biosolids
exposures. There are those who wish to know and are taking action to correct the inequities, injustice and
the disparity between Virginia government/waste industry and the public.


C. W. Williams

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