Biosolids Information Group,

Dear Editor:

Please refer to your section "Groups Fighting Sludge."  Please correct the information to read:
Biosolids Information Group, P. O. Box 965, Richmond, VA 23218, email:
[email protected]  The origin of the group was started in Louisa County (not
Spotsylvania) but has been moved to Richmond, VA, with an office near the VA General
Assembly district.  The group listing represents professional and lay concerned citizens that
volunteer their time, expertise and resources for protecting rights, health and welfare through

Please note that our group was the first to infiltrate the state's Biosolids Use Regulation Advisory
Committee (BURAC) and now has two (2) citizen representatives on the committee of waste
industry dominated representatives.

Our group was asked to consult on recently introduced sludge bills.  As chairman, I have testified
before legislative subcommittees, standing committees and recently before the House Joint
Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) for three and one half hours of single

The Biosolids Information Group has developed a video documentary of the Virginia sludge
victims.  This video (DVD-R disc format) has been distributed to all legislators, citizen health and
control boards, all government administrative offices, grass root organizations, VA news media
and several national information organizations.  It is the mission of Biosolids Information Group to
assist and distribute only factual information that can be substantiated by qualified

The Biosolids Information Group will be conducting a "sludge" seminar on 6-4-05, in Cumberland
County, VA.  This public seminar will include speakers on regulations, health, not for profit
chapters, citizens' observations, environmental law, legislative input, local health district
assistance, and a visiting scientists panel.  Q&A will follow each speaker.  The seminar theme is
"Virginia Sludge/biosolids Disposal: Understanding the Issues."  You are welcome to list this
seminar on your web site.

The seminar will be video taped and made available to national groups for promoting their
"seminars."  Future seminars will be forthcoming due to the vast matrix of the subject matter.

Thank you for your concern and actions to establish accurate information re the sludge disposal
issues.  Please feel free to request any assistance that we may be able to offer.

Kindest Regards,

C. W. Williams, Founder
Biosolids Information Group
P. O. 965
Richmond, VA 23218
[email protected]