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Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 14:40:33 -0500
From: "Maureen Reilly" <[email protected]>
Subject: Sludge Watch ==>  Al's antics - Rubin announces no sludge
compost    health complaints - ever!
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Sludgewatch Admin

Listening to KSZL radio I just heard Al Rubin do a talk show on Nursery Products proposed sludge site in Hinkley. Al is
the former EPA sludge coordinator. Now retired he is  a consultant to the sludge industry.

Today he was on the radio in the pay of  Nursery Products telling the Barstowand Hinkley   that  there has never been a
health complaint related to a sludge compost site or from a sludge compost product.  Only land application of sludge
generated any health complaints. That is what he told the radio audience today.


Al told a 2003 meeting of the California Solano County Board of Supervisors that he had a stack of health complaints
about sludge that was 2 feet high. The transcript is on the web.

Even though he received, when in EPA, 3 or 4 health complaints about sludge every day he never launched an
investigation into a single complant.  That way he can say there are no documented health complaints!

Now a paid consultant to Nursery Products he somehow has forgotten the over 1200 impacted Adelanto residents who
were party to health complaints about the Nursery Products Adelanto operation.  That is the number of people listed in
the Nursery Products complaint files at the Environmental Health Department of San Bernardino County.  Go look at the
health complaints yourself. I did.

Al also  forgot about the Center for Disease Control (CDC) investigation of the complaint of Doug Olson.

But he knew about the complaints.

And Chris Seney- manager for the Nursery Products Adelanto  site when it generated all these health complaints
...eager to misinform the public went along with Al Rubins prevarication.

Although this was supposted to be a phone in one was allowed to phone in. When you phoned in to the radio
show the secretary said she can't put the  call on air 'because there is a doctor on the line" Just so. Spin Doctor Al
Rubin crowded the phone in line for the whole show so no one else could go on air with questions.

Does anyone on Sludge Watch want to write to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and tell them about the
problems they have had from sludge compost or from a sludge compost site?

If you want, we can post them on Sludge Watch.  I know Al Rubin reads that. Get your copy of Al Rubin's latest memory
lapses about sludge from KSZL radio 760-256-2121

Get a copy of the show and listen for yourself to the things he says when he thinks you are not listening. The show ran
Feb 21 2007 at 10 am Pacific time.

Barstow California