From Bakersfield Californian

Nevermind lawsuits, say supervisors trying to draft tough policy
the first draft of Kern's sludge ban has an almost revolutionary ring to it: "In order to promote
the general health, safety and welfare of Kern County and its inhabitants ... the land
application of Biosolids shall be prohibited in the unincorporated area of Kern County."  
Supervisors headed straight into the jaws of a formidable beast Tuesday, setting sights on a
total sludge ban here.


Wretched Excess
Sludge, spread across the land, makes some people vomit and others very rich

But his [Massey's] family's health problems worsened. Less than two years after the sludge
spreading began near his property, his daughter delivered baby Kade, who was born with
cerebellum hypoplasia, an obscure brain defect caused by a buildup of fluids inside his head.

From Washington Post

Dangerous Germ Becoming More Common

"We're used to resistant staph in the hospital as a problem among patients with heart failure,
liver failure, cancer or other health problems," said David N. Gilbert of the Oregon Health &
Science University. "It's started attacking normal healthy people, causing serious, often fatal

From Orland Sentinel

Toxics more valuable than democracy?

Recently, three farm-worker families in a neighborhood of Immokalee gave birth to severely
deformed children -- one without arms or legs, one without the capacity to keep his tongue
from sliding back into his throat, and one without a nose, an ear and with no visible sexual
organs. The story was reported in the Palm Beach Post, "Why was Carlitos born this way?"

From Midway Driller

Grand Jury calls for ban on biosolids: Local officials support call to halt influx of sewage

"The slightest possibility of pollution of the county's groundwater and the water bank facility is
a chance the county cannot afford to take," the grand jury said in a report released Thursday.
"The grand jury recommends an outright ban on all biosolids."

From Bakersfield Californian

Sludge bill gets panel's blessing
Florez wins key victory in fight to keep biosolids out of Kern

SACRAMENTO -- In a defeat for Los Angeles and Orange County sanitation agencies, a
Senate committee Tuesday narrowly endorsed a bill that would make it easier for Kern County
to ban sewage sludge imports

"Enforcement and real consequences are the only means by which this industry will change."

Senate Press Release

Florez's SB 120 Seeks Enforcement of Sludge Standards

Standards for 126 contaminants considered “priority pollutants” would be aggressively tested
for and strictly enforced under SB 120.  Florez doubts many plants are currently meeting these
standards, including those which would supply the proposed Synagro plant.