LDS CHURCH
                           DEAD BIRMINGHAM DRAINAGE DISTRICT
12/03 Clay County Assessor said, LDS church only owns 1200 acres in county.

LDS church actually owns the 1,700 acre Shoal Creek residential Development  by (Zions Securities)
LDS owns 4324.5 in Birmingham area under Property Reserve Inc,  2,200 being assigned to Zions
Securities for industrial development. Approximately 500 acres have been developed.

Joe Roberts, Kansas City Star Real Estate Editor, said, "The man who recommended the investment
to the church is Antony M.O. Sarver, assistant treasurer and mortgage loan manager for Benefical
Development Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of the church."

Documents show Investment Properties Division of the LDS Church has been representated in Kansas
City by Property Reserve's Vice President Norbert Kemp, who has a Utah address. In spite of living in
Utah, he serves on the Birmingham Drainage District Board of Supervisors. In 1999, Kemp was listed
as a Vice President of Property Reserve. Financial records show Kemp's expenses were paid from
Utah to negotiate with  Station Casino for  annual rent to be paid to the Birmingham Drainage District
($200,000.00). Ameristar how pays $140,000.00 rent annually to the Birmingham Drainage District.
According to Attorney General, Jay Nixon, a corporate representative could not legally serve on the
Birmingham Drainage District Board of Supervisors.

The LDS church purchased 4,324.5 acres in/near Birmingham Drainage District as--- Deseret Title
Holding Corporation /Property Reserve, Inc (nonprofit Utah Corp) --- with 2,200 acres assigned for
development by the LDS church's foreign general business corporation, Northland Park
Development/Zions Securities Corp., whose agent in Missouri was/is attorney Robert McKinley.
The LDS church stated in the Missouri annual report that  the corporate purpose is "To hold title to
real and personal property used for religious, charitable and educational purposes."

In a 1990 legal document, attorney Robert McKinley (agent of record for Northland Park
Development/Zions Securities Corp.), was listed as attorney of record for Investment Properties
Division of the LDS Church as well as Property Reserve Inc.  McKinley also signed the document as
President of the Birmingham Drainage District. In a 2000 document McKinley still claimed to be

James Norberg and Wayne Facer actually signed the document for the nonprofit Property Reserve
Inc.. James Norberg was also an officer of record for the Northland park development. Facer was still
listed as an officer of Property Reserve in 1999, 2000.  Facer was also listed as a Director of Zions
Securities in 1999, 2000.

J. Alan Bloggett, Vice President of  Northland Park Inc., also filed a legal Easement document as Vice
president of the nonprofit Deseret Title Holding Corporation, 2 years after that corporation name
ceased to exist in Missouri.

Property Reserve officers Mark B. Gibbons also served as Director and  Kent C Gibson  served as a
officer with Zions Securities.

Mayor W. Kent Money, of South Jordan City, Utah, is the President of Zions Corporation and has
worked there for 22 years. He also served as Director for Propert Reserve.

PROPERTY RESERVE, INC.  Non-Profit Utah Corporation    3/15/1979

2/6/1981 DESERET TITLE HOLDING CORPORATION/Birmingham Drainage District easement filed
Book 1432 page342

PROPERTY RESERVE, INC., by and through its authorized agent ZIONS SECURITIES
CORPORATION, a Utah corporation,

NORTHLAND PARK, INC.                General Business - Foreign    2/60/1980 --- Merged 7/31/1985

21/3/1983 NORTHLAND PARK, INC./Birmingham Drainage District easement filed Book 1495 page155

BENEFICIAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY     General Business - Foreign     7/1/1985  Merged  
10/9/1996  C.T. CORPORATION SYSTEM The entity merged into another entity not qualified to do
business in Missouri
ZIONS SECURITIES CORPORATION   General Business - Foreign   11/4/1996

The meeting was called to order at 7 p
... Representatives of the Zions Securities Corporation announced the corporation's
donation of 15 acres of land and a $500,000 cash contribution for a new ... BOEMinutes/12-15-03.html - 25k

Zions Securities Corporation (ZSC) was organized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
under the direction of President Heber J. Grant on February 7, 1922. The purpose of the new
company was to handle some of the properties which the Church had acquired. Outside of Utah, ZSC
is involved with land in Auburn, Washington, Kansas City, Missouri (see Shoal Creek Valley and
Northland Park),The Land Group is now handling approximately 3,500 acres. Northland Park is a
2,200 acre modern industrial park of which approximately 500 acres has been developed. Northland
Park is located in a Kansas City Enterprise Zone which, depending upon the specific situation, offers
state income tax credits, employee training credits and property tax abatements.
Seven years ago, it branched off in another direction. It merged with Beneficial Development and
entered into the land development business. One of its more recent projects involves a 1,700-acre,
master-planned community called Shoal Creek Valley in Kansas City, Mo., which includes a golf
course, along with custom homes, apartments, open space, trails and multi-use areas. © 2003
Newspaper Agency Corporation, advertising agent for The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret Morning
At the beginning of 1990, major commercial businesses owned by the Church included Beneficial
Development Company, Beneficial Life Insurance Company, Bonneville International Corporation,
Deseret Book Company, Deseret News Publishing Company, Deseret Trust Company, Farm
Management Company, Temple Square Hotel Corporation, Utah Home Fire Insurance Company, and
Zions Securities Corporation. These businesses come under the umbrella of Deseret Management
Company, a holding company that receives and distributes profits, performs internal audits, generates
consolidated financial statements, files consolidated income tax returns for the group, coordinates
activities, and reviews business operations and plans.
Other business activities are under the aegis of the Investment Properties Division of the Church. For
example, it oversees Church-owned farmland in several states and Canada, although many of the
agricultural activities on the land are managed by Farm Management Companies. In most cases,
Church leadership is represented on the boards of directors, but many boards include persons of
other faiths.
Church businesses have boards of directors that set policies for the individual companies. In most
cases, Church leadership is represented on the boards of directors, but many boards include persons
of other faiths.
Operating management is in the hands of professional managers, who need not be Church members.
The Church requires them to operate the businesses in harmony with its principles and values of
honesty, integrity, sensitivity, and service.
The Church expects its businesses to return something back to the communities from which they
derive their revenues, and it encourages managers to participate actively in community activities and
in business and professional associations. The Church expects them to set standards of excellence, to
be leaders in their particular industries, and always to be conscious of the values of the ownership that
they represent.

Beneficial Development Company is a property development company dealing primarily with real
estate holdings in and around Salt Lake City. In a very few instances, the company has installed
roads, water systems, and other amenities for residential developments.
Farm Management Company manages commercial farms and other agricultural properties owned or
leased by the Church, including Deseret Ranches of Florida (Orlando), Deseret Land and Livestock
(Rich County, Utah), Deseret Farms of California (Sacramento), Rolling Hills (Emmett, Idaho), West
Hills Orchards (Elberta, Utah), and Cactus Lane Ranch (Phoenix, Arizona).  
Zions Securities Corporation manages properties owned by the Church, primarily in the downtown
area of Salt Lake City, including the ZCMI Mall, the Eagle Gate Plaza office tower, the Eagle Gate
Apartments, the Gateway Condominiums, several other apartment buildings, and a number of parking
facilities. by Rodney H. Brady
Encyclopedia of Mormonism, Vol. 1, Business, Church Participation in
Copyright © 1992 by Macmillan Publishing Company

Christensen works in the land development division of Zions Securities Corp., a subsidiary of The
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his brother works for Property Reserve Inc., a
nonprofit investment corporation affiliated with the church. Zions Securities manages some of Property
Reserve's buildings.

Carlton is the Assistant Controller for Zions Securities Corporation, a property management and
development company. His career has also encompassed banking and farm management as well