Appl Environ Microbiol. 1979 March; 37(3): 633-641

Chlorine injury and the enumeration of waterborne coliform bacteria.
A K Camper and G A McFeters

Injury induced in Escherichia coli cells by chlorination was studied from a physiological standpoint. Predictable and
reproducible injury was found to occur rapidly in 0.5 mg of chlorine per liter and was reversible under nonselective
[VBNC]. There was an extended lag period in the growth of chlorinated cells not seen in control suspensions
followed by the resumption of logarithmic growth at a rate equaling that of control cells. The aldolase activity of cells
chlorinated in vivo was equivalent to that obtained for control cells. Oxygen uptake experiments showed that chlorinated
cells underwent a decrease in respiration that was not immediatedly repaired in the presence of reducing agents. This
effect was more pronouned in rich media containing reducing agents. Uptake of metabolities was inhibited by chlorine
injury as shown with experiments using 14C-labeled glucose and algal protein hydrolysate.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 1979 March; 37(3): 633-641