Composting for Biosolids Management
EPA now admits composting could be very dangerous
EPA's 2006,  Biosolids Technology Fact Sheet, Use of Composting for Biosolids Management,  based on Yanko's
1988 study states, "Under some conditions, explosive regrowth of pathogenic microorganisms is possible." "Composting
is not a sterilization process and a properly composted product maintains an active population of beneficial
microorganisms that compete against the
pathogenic members."
[Note: EPA and partners have assured the public that composting distroys pathogenic disease causing

  • Odor production at the composting site.

  • Survival and presence of primary pathogens in the product.

  • Dispersion of secondary pathogens such as Aspergillus fumigatus, particulate matter, other airborne allergens.

  • Lack of consistency in product quality with reference to metals, stability, and maturity.

  • In addition to odors, other bioaerosols, such as pathogens, endotoxins, and various volatile organic compounds,
    must also be controlled.

  • Biofilters are often used to control odors, but the biofilters themselves can give off bioaerosols.  (28)