1978 -- 2005 chemical and biological sludge war
                 against farmers and urban home owners

The website www.deadlydeceit.com  has documented the EPA chemical and biological sludge
war against farmers and urban home owners since it began in  1978-79  to 2005 when
politicians in California decided to fight back
(1. whistleblower)

The political side of the Kern County, California Sludge War was initiated on July 1, 2005. It was
supported by both political parties, just in time for the INDEPENDENCE  DAY celebrations.  State
senator Dean Florez initiated a petition drive to stop the spreading of chemical and biological
contaminated sludge in Kern County. Kevin McCarthy, the state Assembly Republican leader
and other political leaders filed the papers.
(2. Rivals)

It would appear that a political solution was preferable to requesting the government to  enforce
the Patriot Act against: 1) the EPA employees who created the fraudulent regulation and
promoted sludge as a "safe" fertilizer based on exclusions in the environmental laws; 2) the
public relation firm hired by EPA and its partners to help gain public acceptance of the chemical
and biological contaminated sludge as a "safe" fertilizer; 3) the permit writers who knew the
chemical and biological contaminated sludge would cause so much human health and
environmental damage to this nation and its economy; and 4) transporter.
(3. hfsv)

When EPA proposed the sludge regulation, it knew sludge could  not be safely disposed of on
farmland because: 1) only 28 out of 400 toxic pollutants were proposed for regulation, 2) 15 out
of 25 toxic inorganics on the superfund list were not included, 3) Thirty-three pollutants
considered hazardous for land disposal were not included.
(4. paper)

EPA removed information from the regulation concerning the 21 cancer causing chemical
agents in sludge it had data on as well as the 34 families of biological agents. Then
acknowledged there was no risk assessment included for any of the chemical or biological
agents in sludge. In fact, EPA claimed it did not have data on most of the chemicals.

The real sludge disposal regulation 40 CFR 258 lists 220 hazardous chemical agents  to be
aware of in sludge which could contaminate ground water under a mismanaged landfill, thereby
putting human health and the environment at risk.
(6. con-H)

When the victims of the chemical and biological agents in sludge came looking for help, EPA
and its partners created a public relations campaign to prevent the victims from getting justice
and get the public to accept its deadly chemical and biological contaminated sludge disposal
(7. epa-pr)  (8. Victims) (9. Deaths-Health)

EPA's partner, the Water Environment Federation was given large sums of money to run the
public relations campaign to debunk the victims stories. It disseminated false information
provided by EPA as well as misrepresenting the facts noted in sludge studies.
(10. WEF-pr)  
(11. health studies)

EPA claimed sludge sites are safe from biological contamination after 30 days, as long as there
is not high public access. Yet, it would appear that when biological contaminates die, they leave
behind a deadly endotoxin. It seems that a housing development was created on a sludge site
and families have suffered health problems including weight loss, hair loss, fevers, sinus
problems, nose bleeds, fatigue and a host of other ailments. (
12. endotoxins-housing)


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