To: Pam Mason, Clay County Clerk

Mrs Mason:

I live in the Birmingham Drainage District my levy district taxes in 2003 increased 350% over 2002 taxes.It seems to be
an enormous increase. I have asked the members of the levy board that I know and they don't have a resonable reason
for this increase.It has come to my attention that the levy board is controlled by the biggest landowner, the Mormon
church, which has their attorney as board president and members obligated to the church on the levy board.The
churches' company Property Reserve Inc's land manager is employed as the levy caretaker at a salary higher than the
time and labor he puts in. It seems that the levy district is controlled by the church to do as is beneficial to their
interest,not necessarily the interest of the majority of the district taxpayers.Past board members indicated that the levy
district had near the FDIC insured maximum amount in six different banks. Now the board says they have no money and
need repairs to the levy caused by the failed casino, yet still pay the caretaker 6x what the previous caretaker was
payed. It's time that the tax payers have the District answer to where the past tax money went, and how the tax money is
being spent and why the Corps of Engineers let the casinos damage the levy and now want the levy district to pay for
the repairs. How did the current board members get on the board, who decides that an increase in taxes is
necessary,and how much of an increase, why just the large landowners are represented (the only small landowner on
the board  helps farm Mormon farm ground),what repairs and improvments to the levy and at what cost,(in the past
maintenance and repairs to the levy  were subject to public bids), and what the caretaker does to merit his salary, are
some questions tax payers need answered. Your attention to this matter would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Robert Minter
3521 N.Arlington Ave
Kansas City, Mo