Dead Birminham Drainage District issues notice of meeting.

Mormon Church Representatives to hold meeting to set drainage tax rates for people living
within the City limits of Kansas City., specifically for the companies it sold property too and
neighbors of the Church. Mr. Kester works in Kansas, Lives in Grandview and claims to have
been appointed by the Church.

The meeting notice was published in a small outlying newspaper far from the people the
notice was supposed to inform, if it had been a legal public corporation. This corporation died
December 22, 1963. The Missouri
Constitution prohibited it from being reorganized within
the Kansas City limits on a petition by land owners. A 1923 Missouri Supreme Court upheld
Kansas City's sole authority over drainage and levees within the City limits. A key point was
that only land owners with one acre of land would have a vote on business matters.
   2000, February 18
           Letter from Robert W. McKinley (President) on Birmingham Drainage District                 

   "Attached to this letter is a list of Supervisors of the Birmingham Drainage District and
   their addresses.:                                 Home                                  Work
   Robert W. McKinley              843 West 56th Street              2345 Grand Blvd, Suite 2800
   Lathrop & Gage, L.C.        Kansas City, Mo 64113          Kansas City, mo 64108
                                               Tel. (816) 361-9723               Tel. (816) 460-5636
   Norbert A. Kemp               3817 South 2215 East              10 East South Temple Street
   Property Reserve, Inc.        Salt Lake City, UT 84109       Salt Lake City, UT 84133
                                            (801) 278-3665                          (801) 240-5874  (suite 400)
   Serves at the pleasure of the LDS Church

   Fred J. Wernicke                4375 N.W. 63rd Court             11200 East 210 Highway
   Grainger Dist. Center         Kansas City, Mo 64151            Kansas City, Mo 64141
                                              (816) 587-5070                         (816) 454-2434
   Served as a representative of Grainger

   Henry W. Kester                7601 East 130 Court                 7101 College Blvd, suite 330  
   Kronos                                Grandview, Mo 64030              Overland Park, Ks 66210
                                               (816) 765-4022                         (913) 696-3332
   Serves at the pleasure of the LDS Church

   Arsene Vandendaele           10121 N.E.Vrooman Dr.
   Land owner/ farmer            Kansas City, Mo 64161
                                                   (816) 452- 5799

   Dan Sissom                         619 Milwaukee  
   Land owner/farmer              Kansas City, Mo.  64161
   Property Reserve farm/mgr?  (816) 455-2312                           
   Served as Overseer of LDS Church Properties.